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Since I began this blog I have been waiting for people to show concern for what is happening on this planet and become inspired to express themselves by sharing their ideas and asking questions.  So far the response is less than inspirational for me.  So maybe I have been looking/hoping for inspiration in the wrong place and for the wrong reason.  Maybe my expectations are all wrong.  Maybe I shouldn’t expect anyone to want to open their eyes and awaken from a nightmare which may be much more comfortable than the harsh reality of being ‘awake’.

Having the knowledge of “good and evil” is one thing, but the realization that there are psychopaths in this world that possess a knowledge and deliberately wield  a power that enslaves and controls the unsuspecting and uncaring masses makes for a very difficult state of mind–one that I struggle with constantly.  My conflict is between choosing to do nothing or continuing to speak out (or write).  When push comes to shove, what will I really do?  Conform or rebel?  Give up or fight?  Live or die?  If I had no family to consider, my answer would be simple:  rebel and fight–live or die!  Why should my answer be any different with a family to consider?  It shouldn’t!  This is the heart of the matter.  I should be ready and willing to stand at the ‘Gates of Hell . . .’, rebel and fight to the death for Truth, family and my sacred honor not to mention my eternal soul.

So here I stand at the most significant crossroads of my life.  The choice of the direction I must take is simple;  the treading of the path will be most severe.  May God be merciful and gracious on and with me!

. . . and not back down!