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De-occulting the Occult

I originally posted this about 2.5 years ago.  I stand by my original premise, but I have much to add and will do so in the future present!

The word “occult” has been systematically imbued with dark overtones and evil connotations to discourage people from seeking the very knowledge and truth that has been occulted (hidden).  The perpetrators of this crime against humanity know full well that the only way they can wield the power of Universal knowledge to control people is to keep this truth out of the minds of the people.  The so-called royal blood lines and their minion priest classes have been doing just this for thousands of years.  We, the people, have been subjugated to this manipulation all this time and have been programmed to not only accept our lot, but to also crave it. Some of us pay lip service to our slavery by speaking out against it and demanding freedom.  Some of us have pledged our lives, fortunes and sacred honor in open rebellion against tyranny while pursuing a freedom that we so viciously denied to others.  Some of us put our faith and hope in a false political dichotomy which exists solely to promote and accomplish the agendas and goals of its own members who pay cheap lip service to the interests of their constituents.  Some of us live in perpetual denial of existence of evil claiming that only good exists, and vice versa. I fear that the vast majority of us (myself included) seek maximum comfort and pleasure with minimum expenditure of energy.  We cycle through our daily lives, day after day after day, never realizing in our somnambulism that the very knowledge that could set us on the path to true freedom escapes us.  Hence the chains!