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At the Shore . . .

Standing at the shore of the infinite ocean of Consciousness I contemplate the choices laid out before me.  Should I stand here on the verge of Self-knowledge in the relative comfort of this zone of ignorance, or should I plunge head-long into the putrid quagmire of my mind, slay the monstrous ego lurking within and pluck out the precious Stone of Self-understanding?

I have been walking along the shoreline searching for clues that might help me decide.  From time to time I probe the Waters lapping against the sure and solid ground of delusion and get fleeting glimpses of a Reality long forgotten.  This path of indecision (being a decision in itself) has lead me into a place of even more self doubt in which I question even why I am walking here at all!

Walking along the shore I watch the Sun rise and set, day after day.  I throw rocks into the Ocean and watch the ripples–cause and effect.  I am the doer of many pointless things each having their own hurtful and wasteful consequences.  How many circuits have I made, round and round, like a mouse in a wheel in a cage?!

Dipping my toes into the Waters of the Ocean I sense the wonder of it all yet my mind reels with doubt and my body is racked with pain.  I want to jump in and flow into the infinite, but fear beyond fear holds me back.

My ego laughs while I cry.  My ego yells while I sigh.  My ego deceives and ensnares me, binds me, goads me, taunts me, entices me, tempts me, hates me!  Yet my ego is not me, never was me, never will be me!  It entraps me in the chains of my own stupidity, but I know how to break free . . . just jump into the Sea . . . be what I am to be . . . see what I’m meant to see . . .