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Raging Love = Loving Rage

Spiritual anarchy suffers all things, but rages against the dying of the Light!

Rage against hate, intolerance, selfishness, apathy, indifference, fear, ignorance
Love the untouchable, the unlovable, the haters, the narcissists, the forgotten, the down-trodden
Raging love burning through all barriers, all prejudices, all differences, all doubts, all illusion, all delusion
Loving rage forgiving all transgressions, forgetting none for their lessons to be learned
This love, this rage, this Magic existing deep within, waiting to be remembered, having been long forgotten
Having been hidden, withheld, occulted, misinterpreted, misused, abused
Turned towards the self, away from the Self
Always there, always watching, always waiting to be asked for help
If only we will stop–the mind–stop, be still, be quiet and listen to the Sounds of Silence
The voices of the wise, the understanding, the merciful, the just, the loving, the victorious
Speaking the Lost Knowledge, the forgotten Truth, showing us the way home along the Path of Return.

Selah! Shalom! Namaste!