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We the Animals (Breathing Together 3–The Multiverse is Mental 4)

Freedom has been systematically suppressed by those who profess to be its champions but really are its arch enemies. If freedom is based on man-made (artificial) laws instead of Natural Law, it can never be more than an incomplete, pseudo and therefore false liberty. Those brave souls that have fought and died for the ideal of true freedom are heroes of Liberty, but unfortunately they did not realize the limitations of their vision and could not foresee the ultimate corruption yet to come.


The perversion of occult knowledge by egocentric narcissists has created a dark cloud of ignorance and apathy which has descended upon and enshrouded humanity.  This has resulted in a very effective division and enslavement of human consciousness.  To be sure, this is a conspiracy of global proportions, but it is not the one I wish to focus on now.  It is a hideous expression of a deeper problem.  This is the crux of the theme I am exploring in my Breathing Together series.


We as a species have acquired in some way intellectual abilities which set us apart from the other planetary inhabitants.  This human intellect has enabled us to survive and dominate this planet, but our spiritual weakness is leading to a destruction of our home world which will inevitably lead to our destruction.  The many problems which exist in our world cannot be, and will never be, solved from without.  The only solutions which exist are within ourselves, but we are continually led to believe that the answers (the Truth) is out there.


“Out there” is where we are divided, lead, herded and corralled like the animals were are.  What we need to understand and embrace is that, although we indeed are animals, we have been gifted with Divine potential.  This gift of free will offers the choice of thinking for ourselves (individuality) or thinking like everyone else (hive mentality).  Unfortunately the vast majority of us choose the latter for its convenience and relative (but false) safety.  We forgo the pursuit of Truth for a dream which involves acquisition of material wealth and the loss of spiritual health.


For those brave souls who choose individuality, the path of Truth leads deep within themselves.  This is the abyss into which they must jump and out of which they must learn to fly if they are to emerge victorious as the Phoenix from the ashes of their animalistic selves.  Upon emergence from the abyssal depths of their former selves, they will rise as eagles, soaring upon the thermals provided by Sol, expression of the Limitless Light which provides us with exhaustless riches!


What we, the animals, need is a declaration of independence from the tyranny and oppression brought about by deliberate division and systematic occulting (and perversion) of the knowledge which can set us free or enslave us.  We the animals are free to choose, and that freedom has never been greater nor more endangered than it is now.  With the availability of so much knowledge at our finger tips we have the greatest opportunity to learn, grow, love and be free, no matter what our worldly circumstances are.


We are at the event horizon of a great darkness looming ahead.  Will we find the inner strength to let go of our fear and pride and jump into the abyss of ourselves or will we forever struggle to escape the Truth within an succumb to and be consumed by the many attractions “out there.”  The choice has always been, and always will be ours!

Shalom, namaste and pranam!

Rage Against the Dying of the Light!