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Sorcerers (Breathing Together 6-The Multiverse is Mental 7)

In the journey of life there are basically two paths one can walk.  Both routes lead to the same ultimate destination, but they are very different in what happens along the way.


One path, the path of selfishness, is the one that most people take and strive for success on.  People on this path seek to serve themselves at the expense of others.  A few people on this path acquire the knowledge of psychological manipulation and use it to control others to further their own agendas.  The majority of people have very little knowledge or understanding of their own psyches so they easily fall into step with the plans of their controllers.  Even if they live in so-called free societies, they are far from free because entire social/cultural systems are designed for control on the deepest, most foundational levels.


These “puppet masters” can be found in all walks of life, doing their best to control the people around them, but the most dangerous ones are those who cannot be found, easily.  They occupy places of power and cloak themselves with multiple, redundant diversions and distractions.  They can even appear to be making contributions to the public welfare while their ultimate goal is human enslavement.


These “controllers” utilize all social, scientific, political, media and cultural institutions to propagate their message and extend influence over people who willingly (and not so knowingly) are led to accept the status quo which is self-serviant.  People on this path are either “leading” or following each other into wholesale self-enslavement to the ego.  They encourage this de-evolution through their mutual support and laud accomplishments which are inexorably driving the system towards total spiritual collapse.


Modern applications of divination (sorcery) incorporate contemporary thought forms into practices with roots in ancient rites and mysteries.  Superstitions and beliefs are re-tooled with modern ideas and serve to comfort the (opiate of the) masses who choose not to search for and experience inner truth directly.  They willingly consume the fabricated truth fed to them by their “keepers,” like so many animals in a zoo.


True it is that we are animals, however, as humanoids we have the unique potential to become more than animals.  With much effort (non-effort) as the case may be, we can realize our “oneness” with all that is (or is not) and eliminate the multiplicity of thought forms and resolve the illusory duality into singularity.  We cannot think our way to this realization because it “exists” (does not exist) beyond the realm of thought.


The so-called path to enlightenment is not so much a path as it a change of perspective.  This change can be quick or it can take many lifetimes depending on how willing we are to move beyond our limitations of knowledge and thought.  If we can but for a split-second just be still, we can experience what we cannot hope to logically understand or explain.  Truth cannot be explained with words which originate in thought.  We must evolve from being observers of phenomena to observers of ourselves, the observers.  We must see the seer and doer of things and not the things themselves.


The world around is but a shadow cast by that which truly IS, and the Light which is “blocked” by our misconceptions and misunderstandings is the clear, limitless Light of pure potential which gives “rise” to all “things.”  These things that we observe arise from the inherent limitations of thought which impose false and illusory form onto formlessness.  We create the world around and within ourselves by applying the template of thought to that which is beyond thought.  Our thinking serves as the obstacle which “blocks” the Light resulting in shadows that we mistake to be reality.  Another way of looking at this is to think of our thinking as a filter through which only a very small amount (at the very best) of useful information gets through, though very much distorted.


If you want to get an idea of what this Light is like, just look at a very dim, physical expression of it, the sun!  This light is the very foundation of all energy systems and life on this planet.  Without it, there could be no life.  The sun is the origin and sustainer of life, but it can also destroy.  No wonder the sun has been worshiped by so many cultures since the dawn of humanoid existence!


All these words are but a pile of dung, but there is a pearl somewhere in the pile.  This pile may be the waste of some organism, but it is also the nourishment of other organisms in the intricate web of life.


On the greatest scales of observing the Universe, there is another web, the cosmic web, which is built within a framework of so-called dark matter and expanded outward by dark energy.  Countless pearls are scattered throughout the remains of countless stars recycled over countless eons of time.  What are the words that constitute this pile of dung?


Before I stray too far away from whatever topic I am trying express, I should just say that there is another path through life which is Self-centered but leads to selflessness!  This road that is traveled by very few requires abandoning thought and transcending our self(ego)-imposed limitations.  This is a journey of discovery of our true humanity!

P. S. Please do not equate magicians with sorcerers!  Thanks!