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Enlightenment (Breathing Together 7-The Multiverse is Mental 8)

In honor of the Buddha’s birthday today, I am writing this little piece on enlightenment, or at least my interpretation of it.  The Zen master Shunryu Suzuki once said (paraphrased) that there are no enlightened people, just enlightened activity.  This statement creates quite a paradox in my mind (as Zen koans tend to do).


Does this statement apply to the Buddha, Jesus the Christ and Krishna, the man (to name only a few)?  Were these beings not Enlightened?  If they weren’t, just what were (are) they?  If they were Enlightened, were they not people, or were they something much, much more?


These three Beings form the basis of my faith system.  I struggle for gnosis of what they lived and taught, but I know it is the struggle which defeats me.  I battle against my nefarious ego, and I know it is the battle which conquers me.  To be still and just listen to the sound of silence that carries all frequencies and all messages from the Void and to experience multiplicity, duality and singularity.  To be still and just reach out and touch and feel the Unity of all things and understand not-multiplicity, not-duality and not-singularity.


Master Suzuki also said that the beginners mind (Zen mind) is open to many possibilities, but the expert’s mind is limited to only a few.  Which of these is better?  Are most of the possibilities available to beginners incorrect, or are they all correct?  If one is a so-called (self-called) expert, does that mean that one has explored, eliminated and narrowed the range of possibilities?


For me personally, I strive for the Zen mind and to be open, empty and ready to receive any messages from the Void.  I do not now, nor will I ever claim to any kind of expert.  It is difficult enough to just be still and Listen and Feel and Know!


So what of this blog I have been writing these past few years?  Is it enlightened activity, or is it just an exercise in delusional vanity and ultimate futility.  Is it a carefully crafted manifestation of my insidious ego, or is it a sign of dawning Gnosis from my higher Self?  I don’t know the answer, but I know which one I prefer!


I will reiterate something I have said many times in this blog.  I truly wish people would reach out and share themselves!  I feel so isolated and separated from those of like mind, and I really need to see something from the world that will give me hope.  I know this is selfish, but I also know that I am pouring out my mind, heart and soul into the empty vessel of my writing.  What I am getting back is more people attacking (attempted hacking) my website and nobody making comments–good or bad.  This by default is a sad commentary on what I am trying/hoping to accomplish!


My (hopefully) right thoughts, feelings and actions and the words that try to express them are merely the products of a lost, fitfully sleeping and searching pilgrim on a “long and winding road” of becoming.  I will keep doing/not-doing what I’m not-doing/doing, come what may or may not.  I Will you all peace, love and joy on your paths!

Shalom and namaste,