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Hyper-massive Black Holes (Breathing Together 8–The Multiverse is Mental 9)

Where do universes come from?

“. . . know thyself and you shall know universes and gods.”

–Oracle of Apollo at Delphi


Running the Universe quickly backward in time.

Stringing together senseless words trying to rhyme,

Extending myself back to the Beginning,

Infinite mass and energy in no-space imploding, crushing.

Action-reaction, electrons pressing, neutrons squeezing

Reaching ever outwards stretching, sensing, yearning

Beyond the event horizon extending everywhere, forever

Infinitely curved space searching for somewhere to go.

Surrounded by Void–limitless potential, wheel of becoming,

Infinite space and potential mingling, genesis of dark energy,

Dark matter condensing, erupting out of the Abyss,

Holding All that IS and is NOT together, pushing All things apart.

Pure potential yielding to pure energy, super force breaking down,

Matter building up–mass upon mass, proto-galaxies spinning, gravity winning,

Stars forming in Cosmos nursing, feeding on stellar remnants,

Cosmic web holding on to the swirling of matter and energy,

Transformation after transformation, energy conserved, all recycled.

Limitless Light illuminating, flooding into forever darkness,

We see by the Light set free from Abyssal sea,

What can be seen is not Origin, source of All That Is.

Seeing we must close our eyes, and open our Eye,

Looking not without but observing, analyzing all that is within,

Seeing ourselves for what we are, rising above what we have become,

Our origin in the stars–of star stuff we are made,

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, descendants of stars, children of the Sun.

Striving and struggling against all odds, we fail life after life,

Deluded by Maya, not seeing, knowing Origin, only that which is dense,

There is a way to find our Way back home, Path of Return,

All we must do, that which is so hard to do, stop mind, stop the world,

Just sitting still, listening, observing, breathing breath after breath,

Prana in, life out, controlling, forgetting breathing.

Opening doors of perception, letting go of all that’s holding us back, keeping us down

Choosing, allowing the Universe to fill our emptiness,

Children and heirs of the Stars!


The Multiverse