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Apocalypse Blues (Breathing Together 9–The Multiverse is Mental 10)

apocalypse (Greek–apokaluptein and apokalupsis–to uncover or reveal)

Apocalypse Blues

So punk I heard you want to rise above

How are you gonna do so if you don’t know Love?

You wanna be better, start being what you really are,

You long to soar up to the Heavens beyond, live as star!

After all your true home is out there, so how did you end up here?


So chump I understand you wanna stop wallowin’ in your animality.

You wanna wake up, know the truth, and realize your humanity.

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Who would you leave behind, whose burdens would you take up?

Whose shoes would you walk in, how deep within yourself would you dare look?


So initiate, what do you know of Truth?  How deeply do you love?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to sing the blues?

Have you ever been so low, so way down in the Abyss,

That the light of hope in your heart got swallowed up by the Pit?


Your soul carries on through the rain,

Your mind reeling, dying, again from the pain.

Your heart’s been crushed, burned and thrown in the dirt.

Somewhere deep within a Voice whispers your name,

Yet you trip and fall again and hold your head in shame.

Tears streaming, body trembling, heart pounding, head aching.

You wonder if you will ever wise up, get up and climb up

Out of your pathetic self, stand on your feet and be your Self:

Standing at the Gates of Hell–shouting the devil down.

The enemy is within, waiting to take you down . . .

. . . so way down we go, but what’s it like to sing the blues?

Way Down We Go–Kaleo

What It’s Like–Everlast



Rage Against the Dying of the Light!