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EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH (and that’s ALL that I AM)

Extinction Level Event Horizon (ELEH)


Drawn inexorably down into the Darkness of

Infinite gravity well, time dilation drawing out now to

Eternity, days of the future-past lay before me

Memories of the passed future, trail behind.

My past rushes towards me from the future,

My future on a collision course from the past,

Down, down way down I go, involution

Descending from Infinite Light into Abyss of Infinite

Darkness, Infinity of Infinities

On the cusp of the point of no return

Should I let go and plunge into the depths

Of that Eternal Night, or should I thrust myself outward

With an irresistible force against that immovable

Monstrosity for yet another Round and round

What goes around, comes around

As I knew right in the beginning that I would end up


I know right now in the ending that I can’t help

Losing all that which I never really had,

A singular(ity) sensation, point of becoming,

All that never was and ever will be,

Everything, nothing, multiplicity, duality, UNITY

Eheieh asher eheieh, and that’s ALL that I AM!



Round and Round–Ratt