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Hu-man Egregore Part 1

We are animals who pride ourselves on our intellect–the only characteristic which sets us apart from the so-called lower animals. We think we are hu-man (spirit-mind), but we are only deluding ourselves.  We have so little free consciousness and so much locked within the prison of our egos, that we behave in ways much more devolved than animals. No other species so wantonly destroys its own habitat the way we do. In our money and power grabbing we are reducing our biosphere to a hellish wasteland–a place quite different than it used to be. What will we do when Mother Nature decides that enough is enough? This living planet Earth runs on a geologic clock and has no regard for the biological lifeforms which inhabit it. Life has adapted through its random processes of genetic mutation to the changes of the planet, not the other way around. So we think that with our science and technology we can “fool” Mother Nature? Why don’t we try understanding her and working with her? We reason, compare and create many ingenious marvels. We set ourselves above the animals, thinking we are superior. We think we control our instincts and are not ruled by them. Daily we are driven forward to destruction by those instincts, lurking in the collective unconscious, monsters, waiting and prowling, consuming those needs we ALL have in common. We divide ourselves by language, ethnicity, race, tradition, religion, culture, philosophy and nationality. We are out to serve the Beast, our number one, ourselves, at the expense of all others. We think we know, but what do we really know? How to screw each other over? Do we know how to love? Do we know what love really is? If we did, we would come together and work with each other in the family of humankind. We would apply our wondrous intellect to solving the very real problems that threaten our very survival as a species. This spaceship Earth is the only refuge we have in the cosmic immensity. Its life support systems are beginning to fail, and we waste our precious resources, energy and time with our petty squabbling. Well what do I know? Who do I think I AM? I’m really no one, but I have a message. A very old message. A message which is being ignored and suppressed by the powers that be because it goes against their agenda–the agenda of greed, power and control. What do we think we are doing? Most of us are running around like so many sheep with our heads up where the sun doesn’t shine waiting to be sheared. What do we think and know and remember deep within our souls? A time of freedom, love, unity and peace. All that is buried deep within our collective unconscious under the pile of crap that the power mongers have heaped upon us. So why don’t we clear out the crap and be who we already are and have always been? We are all brothers and sisters in the family of hu-manity! Spread the word! Dig down deep into your memory and bring up the best of the past into the present and on into the future, NOW!