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Hu-man Egregore Part 2

A Special Christmas Message:  may the blessings of our Father in secret, our Divine Mother and our big brother and Master Jesus the Christ shower down upon you ALL, sisters and brothers in the Family of Hu-manity! Amen!

In order to deal with the Truth we must first commit to digging it out from where ever it is hiding and to being courageous when we find ourselves face-to-face to with it.  This Truth about ourselves is very ugly despite what new age bullshitters and psycho-babbling psychologists tell us.  If we cannot accept the cold, hard facts about the reality of our condition(ing) and the depraved level of our being, then there is no hope of waking up from our nightmarish existence into the beautiful reality of who and what we can and were meant to be!
Being originally created in the image and likeness of Infinite Consciousness for the sole purpose of overcoming the limitations of physical existence in the realm of matter and energy and rising above and beyond into the realm of spirit, we have, for the most part, with our freewill chosen actions which have resulted in endless and cyclic karmic debt and tremendous pain and suffering.  These karmic consequences afflict us personally and as various groups based on language, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, et cetera. 
The very characteristic which gives us the potential to use our intellect for good and the betterment of all has been twisted, distorted and perverted by our own egos to satisfy its own needs at the expense of those around us.  We put ourselves first and seek to take from others all that we can as fast and as often as we can.  “Do unto others, then split” or “do unto others before they do unto you” are two of the twisted versions of the “golden rule.” 
Why have our egos developed in this way?  For protection from the onslaught of negativity and selfishness from other beings that we encounter in our lives.  We build up walls of self-centeredness to block out the pain of non-acceptance, neglect and non-love from the people around us, first and foremost our parents, siblings and the people we are around all the time.  Those people are doing the same thing.  We put so much effort and energy into blocking people out when we could be putting that effort into tearing down the barriers separating us.  Consider how much greater theses barriers are between culturally and linguistically diverse groups of people!  We focus more on the falsity of our apparent differences while ignoring the reality of true similarities!  Why!
The answer is so simple that we usually overlook and ignore it:  we do this for the same reason we do everything else–we choose to!  The gift of freewill choice is so misused to make the wrong choices, that we have created quite the ugly morass we find ourselves slogging around in.  Not only that, but to save face we continually justify our actions on the grounds that we deserve to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled.  But our egocentric thoughts, feelings and most of all actions accomplish none of these.  All they do is create more pain and suffering for others and more karmic debt for ourselves!
So how do we break out of this vicious cycle of hurt-to-not-be hurt but end up hurting everyone anyway?  The answer is so simple and obvious and hiding right under our noses in plain sight.  It is so simple in theory, but so very difficult to put into practice because it cuts right to the very heart of both our problem and solution of all our ills.  The answer is to love others as we love ourselves and our Creator by always putting ourselves last and others first.  This was the most important message that the Christ was trying to get across to us through his life, death, resurrection and ascension.  He showed us how to live, love, die and ultimately return home!  His was a message of infinite, unreserved and unconditional Love:  “LOVE IS THE LAW, LOVE UNDER WILL.” 
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the LAW.”  Will you choose love by dying to yourself and serving others, or will you choose not-love by dying to others and serving yourself?  Just sit, be still and listen to your higher Self.  From above, beyond and within the answer will come, and it will hit you like a ton of bricks.  Jesus made the choice every moment of His life to die to Himself and serve others.  He chose to do the WILL of His (our) Father in secret, and He was just man, but He chose by His thoughts, feelings and actions to be so much, much more!
Jesus, the Christ, a Bodhisattva, par excellence, by freewill choice stepped back down from the Absolute, Nirvana, to come down into this hellish realm and show us the way home.  Will you join me on this adventure of a lifetime–this Path of Return home?
Imitation of Christ–Thomas A. Kempis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!