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Toward the One–Hu-man Egregore Part 4

Universal Spirituality (Toward the One)
Hazrat Inayat Khan introduced Sufism to the west in 1910.  Since Sufism was greatly developed by (within) and contributed to the spread of Islam (some say that Sufism pre-dates Islam), many Sufis manifest the perennial Wisdom in Islamic terms in relation to the Prophet and the Qur’an. 
Inayat Khan chose to express the Wisdom of the ages in non-Islamic terms, rather using terms more familiar to the West.  This was an initial movement towards a “universal” spirituality, uniting Eastern wisdom and Western Christianity. 
To recognize the value and Truth of all religions and philosophies (as they all originate from the same source and point to that source) is a step towards a universal Hu-man mindset where we all regard each other as brothers and sisters in the Family of Hu-manity.  To understand that we are all “localized” manifestations of a unified and universal quantum wave function is another step.  In this journey of a thousand miles, these are very important steps, but there are many miles to go! 
The most critical, dangerous and difficult stages of this adventure are those that take us inward to face the greatest enemy and obstacle there is–our false self or ego.  The ego uses confusion of mind to cause a defaulting to a focus on differences which then creates artificial divisions.  These divisions create schisms of self/other-than-self which isolate (protect?) the self from the psychic “slings and arrows” that others hurl at us, promoting a false sense of security, safety and well-being.  In reality none of these are achieved because the walls we build tend to keep us from understanding our true Selves since they focus our attention on our selves and direct it away from others.  We see ourselves as totally different from anyone else when we are really just like everyone else. 
This disconnect of thoughts, emotions, actions and between the creative-intuitive and logical-analytical brain/mind hemispheres creates an illusory world which the ego puts itself in the center of and expects and tries to direct all others to revolve around it.  On a mass scale this leads to groupings of people whose false identity isolates them from other groups and leads to misunderstanding, distrust, conflict and hate.
The only way to eliminate on a mass scale the barriers which fragment the world community and inhibit the formation of a Hu-man egregore is to break down the walls within our own psyches by eliminating the egos or psychic aggregates (defects, vices and errors) which have been self-perpetuating and reinforcing since the moment of our entry into this world (life).
On my journey (or Path of Return) I have faced many obstacles, but one of the worst of these is my conflicted (mis-) understanding of the role and treatment of ego and the (apparently contradictory) different “remedies” of the Eastern and Western mystery/mystical traditions.  In the Buddhist tradition, ego is something to be annihilated so the Buddhata (Buddha nature) can manifest itself completely and freely.  The ego is considered to be an artificial construct which prevents integration and harmonious functioning of all our true aspects.  In the Western mystery traditions, the ego is considered a necessary aspect of ourselves which must be trained and controlled so that we can master and utilize the forces of nature to achieve the goals of love and service to humanity. 
Now, I realize that these two seemingly contradictory goals are one and the same.  The ego or false self that is created by the malfunctioning of the intentionally isolated parts of ourselves must be reinvented by removing the hindrances or barriers which prevent integrated, natural functioning.  In other words, we must look at, analyze and comprehend the parts of our psyches which have never been allowed to honestly communicate with each other (or those around us).  When we have comprehended the nature of our egos and the resulting psychic division and isolation, we can begin the reintegration which will unify the psyche and restore balance.  From this balance we will be able to transcend duality and realize the unity (oneness) of the source (the Absolute).  This process is known as individuation, but it does not mean creation of isolated, egotistical individuals.  Rather it means removing the barriers that psychically divide us from ourselves and each other.  There is no loss of personal identity, but there are connections made between people that can promote empathy, compassion and love.
Seems easy on paper, right?  Yes it does, but it is not easy because the nefarious egos or psychic aggregates (components of the ego) do not cooperate with our efforts to comprehend their divisive, narcissistic nature.  Not only do they not cooperate, but they also fight against our efforts in ways that divert us away from our goal by leading us into false belief that we are making progress (cul-de-sacs).  I experience this on a regular basis, but the little progress I have made at least enables me to understand and maybe deal with my egos a little better.  MAYBE!  I’m not so sure sometimes because just when I feel like I am achieving some measure of success, I stumble and fall two steps behind!  Yikes!  As long as I keep getting up and moving forward, I will get closer to Home!
One Love–Bob Marley
I’ll close with a prayer for humanity from Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan:
Toward the One,
the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
the Only Being,
United with all the Illuminated Souls,
Who form the Embodiment of the Master,
the Spirit of Guidance.
Mir, heping, shalom, salaam, shanti, paz, paix, pace, pax,