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System of a Down Part 1–Hu-man Egregore Part 6

System of a Down Part 1
AerialsSystem of a Down
There once was a time when we lived in harmony with our thoughts, emotions and actions.  Our creative, intuitive brain integrated well with our logical, analytical brain and we experienced a unified and magical world of wonder and raw excitement!  Life was difficult and survival was based on problem solving and cooperative strategies which utilized to the maximum our only real advantage over the so-called lower animals–our intellect.
We ‘advanced’ from roaming tribes of hunter-gatherers to farmers to specialized city-dwellers to the technology dependent digital junkies of today in a relatively short time.  Have we really advanced though?  Our science has made possible technological wonders totally undreamt of just over a hundred years ago!  Nikola Tesla, the man who made possible the widespread use of electricity was considered a freak and crackpot, and died poor and rejected by the scientific establishment.  Our environment has been horribly burdened with the waste products of our so-called advanced technology.  Our global society-cultural has been degraded to the point that nothing less than instant gratification of all םור desires is acceptable.  Morals, ethics, justice, common decency, self-reliance and pure creativity have been monetized and reduced to the lowest possibly form of currency which is traded, bought, stolen and disposed of like trash.  Our care for one another is based on the reciprocal meeting of our own needs.  We don’t just give for the sake of giving.  We don’t just help for the sake of helping.  We don’t just love for the sake of loving.  We don’t just grow for the sake of growing.  We don’t just live for the sake living. 
Am I referring to everyone or just myself?  I am guilty of all this and so much more!  I have come to realize that the person I yearn to be is far removed from the person I have been for most of my life!  When I look in the mirror I see the ugly remnants of my former self.  I see myself as the person I was instead of the person I am or want to be.  This distorted and outdated reflection serves to remind me of the person I will never be again, even if I must die a thousand deaths to propel myself forward.  I have a very difficult time loving myself–if only I could see myself as the person I will be some day!
How have we arrived at this sorry state affairs?  Do not the thousands of years of our journey offer any hope of our becoming better than we are?  Why does human society seem to be devolving to a state in which we behave as pitiful creatures lower than the lower animals?  What animals wage genocide against their own kind and wantonly destroy their own habitat?  Can not our intellect help us overcome our steady decline?  No, by itself our intellect cannot save us from ourselves as long as it remains divorced from the spiritual ‘side’ of ourselves.  The division, isolation and disintegration of our Being cannot and will not result in an intelligence that can right the wrongs of our inadequate intellect.  As long as we continue to exist in this compartmentalized, segregated, isolated, insulated and separated comatose state, we will never achieve true intelligence, no matter what we may falsely think of ourselves.
So what of the knowledge we have supposedly gained over the course of de-evolution?  Is there nothing that can help awaken us from our dreadful, nightmarish existence and allow us to see the beautiful reality all around and within us?  Yes there is knowledge available, and yes it can help but only if it is utilized to probe, analyze, comprehend, understand and synthesize externally the Truth which lies within each and everyone of us.  We need only to awaken to our true selves which lay hidden just behind our false selves!


Vampires–Hu-man Egregore Part 5

Wallowing, writhing in rotting defilement blood pool of a billion souls, corpses dead to all others but ourselves, blood sucking parasitic monsters hiding, sleeping in Darkness sublime, clock ticking forward to time, Darkness reigning supreme, moonlight reflection of cursed Son, starlight revealing light within–Son nearest star bathing prison in Darkness with light of freedom, blocked at all costs shielding, keeping out from heart of Darkness, submerged, drowning infernal red, life drained from the living dead to all but ourselves when dying to selves, setting free, releasing life, bathing in warm Light . . .
No, this cannot be, cannot let them see, the me yearning to be free; Must stay hidden in the Dark, must recoil from the spark, must not feel  on a lark, the Light so stark, shrink back, down into Dark!
Here in Dark, I cannot see you, you cannot see me, no not at all can I see! Asleep, in deep coma–here in Dark phantoms attract, worst becomes best, best becomes worst.  Dreams, nightmares, all the same, the me in creation all my life same as the me I cannot shed in death, life after death after life, wheel keeps spinning, head keeps spinning, guts keep retching defilement of a billion souls dead to all but ourselves, dying the death of the dead, vicariously living the life of the living . . . night of the living dead . . . dawn of the dead . . . day of the dying living . . . zombie apocalypse upon us, revealing emptiness, thoughtlessness, carelessness, hopelessness, heartlessness . . . 
“Vicariously we live while the whole world dies . . . ” When will we see?  When will we awake, when will we know, when will we grow . . . up out of ourselves into each other, see each other, open to each other, hear each other, know each other, feel each other, become the other, LOVE ONE ANOTHER?  WHEN, WHEN, WHEN, . . . ?


Rage Against the Dying of the Light!