Namaste, salam, shalom, shanti and peace to all!  My name is Patrick, and I have created this website as invitation to and record of a first step toward experiencing and understanding the Mysteries of the Multiverse! The journey Home has been and is difficult at best; I don’t imagine that it will get any easier!

Regret and self-condemnation have penetrated and shrouded my life and family for too long!  I look forward to a Way of being that will enable me to let go of all the demons that lurk just beyond a brief glance back over my shoulder!  Then I will be able to love and help people begin or strengthen their own journey of inner and outer discovery.

If I can help anyone on their journey Home by sharing my journey, then my Great Work will be getting done, and I will move on to the next stage.  I welcome all who would generously share the lessons of their journeys.  May the joys, sorrows, knowledge and love we share, bind us together in humanity and humility in the Light of the Absolute!

So Mote It BE!

Patrick Andrew Parris

March 4, 2022