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Christian Mystical Resources

Teilhard For Beginners (www)
The Future of Mankind–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The Divine Milieu–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Phenomenon of Man–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
First Apology, Second Apology–Justin Martyr
On the Incarnation–Athanasius of Alexandria
Isaac of Nineveh–Mystical Treatises
The Value of the Spirituality of John Cassian for Contemporary Christian Communities
Of The Spirit Of Pride–St. John Cassian
Letters Of Saint Anthony the Great
Desert Mothers
Sayings of the Desert Fathers
The Gospel of St. John–Pryse
The Apocalypse of St. John–Pryse
Imitation of Christ
Jacob Boehme Introduction–A. J. Penny
Mysterium Magnum Part One–Jacob Boehme
Mysterium Magnum Part Two–Jacob Boehme
Aurora–Jacob Boehme
Concerning Three Principles of Divine Essence
Four Tables of Divine Revelation
Franz Hartmann Study of Jacob Boehme
Jacob Boehme Threefold Life of Man
Jacob Boehme Online
Heaven and Hell–Emanuel Swedenborg
Swedenborg Foundation

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