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New Beginning in the Here and Now

It has been a little over two years since my first post on this site.  In that time I have learned much about why I am doing this, and why I cannot and must not stop.  I have been on quite an emotional roller-coaster about this!  My original intent was to give people a place to express themselves and learn something.  I know that the expression part has not happened that much judging by the very few posts that have been made.  As for the learning part, I have no clue, again because very few people have left comments!

So beginning here and now I will no longer concern myself with whether or not any one visits, posts or learns anything on this site.  These things are entirely at the whim of those who are searching for something meaningful.  I have found something meaningful, at least in my own humble opinion, but I can never hope to know what is meaningful for anyone else–that is up to them to decide.

I will continue to share important knowledge that I find and my own thoughts regarding that knowledge.  I am on the Gnostic pathway in search of and hoping for direct, personal experience of the infinite!  If I seem like a madman, sadman, or gladman at times, these will be the effects of the causes I seek, those First Causes which create, sustain and eventually destroy all that has been, is, or ever will be!  I invite any and all who would dare join me on this quest!  I also wish peace, joy, fulfillment and everlasting life to ALL!

Behold I stand at the Threshold of Eternity gazing beyond past, present and future!  I see my Self  for what I AM and have shed the tattered, corrupted rags of what I never really was.  I have shattered the prison of the ego and broken free of the chains which have bound and held me down in the rotting corpse of carnality!  I AM overcome with a sense of Freedom I have never felt before!  I AM overwhelmed by an ecstasy beyond human comprehension or description!  I spread wide the arms of my mind, reaching, ever Knowing and open wide the eyes of my heart, Seeing, ever loving!  Setting my gaze on Infinity, breathing deeply for perhaps the last time, I step out and up into the Great Beyond . . .


About Patrick

My name is Patrick, and I am a husband, father and science teacher at a local high school in San Antonio, Texas. I started this blog to serve as a safe haven of expression for like-minded individuals concerned with the ongoing plight of our planet Earth and the beings inhabiting it. It is my most fervent hope that this blog will be a means of contributing to the creation of a truly free and love-filled world for ALL! In LVX, Patrick

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  1. I’m glad you are in this Universe and not the one next door!

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