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Nexus . . . All Timelines . . . All Dimensions . . . All Universes . . . All the Time!

Imagine a place where ALL that ever was, is or ever will be, EVERYWHERE coexisted simultaneously. Would this place be infinitely small or infinitely large, and would there be any practical difference between the two possibilities?  This place is NEXUS and it is where I would like to BE!  So join me in exploring the infinite possibilities! (and no I’m not under the influence of any drugs, lol)


About Patrick

My name is Patrick, and I am a husband, father and science teacher at a local high school in San Antonio, Texas. I started this blog to serve as a safe haven of expression for like-minded individuals concerned with the ongoing plight of our planet Earth and the beings inhabiting it. It is my most fervent hope that this blog will be a means of contributing to the creation of a truly free and love-filled world for ALL! In LVX, Patrick

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