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Free of mind we think we are, not really able to see ourselves from afar.  Not able to see the forest for the trees, our fractured minds sinking to the depths of the darkest seas.  The gravity of our situation escapes us as we dance the jig of life, never wanting to pay the piper, never admitting the strife.

Turmoil swirling all around, while screams of dying never making a sound.  In the deathly cold and empty space, a black hole sun appears, drawing us to another  place.

Far away and far to see deathly angels appear to me.  Dreading their arrival, and beckon call, I run away, far away, desperate to stall . . .

Free of mind we think are, if only we could see ourselves from afar.  Illusions of this world linking at the moment of becoming . . . link by link shackles binding, drawing us down from the Eternal into blinking time.  Life yielding to death, death seeking life,  Eternal cycle of Souls, rising, falling, knowing, forgetting . . . lives upon lives.

. . . link by link binding chains cross-linking . . . web of illusion extending, trapping, deceiving, never yielding to soul yearning for flying, exploring, living, loving, dreaming, creating, becoming what we have always been.






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My name is Patrick, and I am a husband, father and science teacher at a local high school in San Antonio, Texas. I started this blog to serve as a safe haven of expression for like-minded individuals concerned with the ongoing plight of our planet Earth and the beings inhabiting it. It is my most fervent hope that this blog will be a means of contributing to the creation of a truly free and love-filled world for ALL! In LVX, Patrick

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  1. All is Mind. The Universe is mental.

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