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I rule my internal Kingdom in accordance with natural law and have no need or desire to be ruled from without by others invoking the laws of man.  Natural law transcends ALL other laws man has invented and is the only law which truly governs ALL actions and interactions between ALL beings.  ALL causes have their effects and these effects ripple through time and space touching ALL for better or worse!

Selah!  Shalom!  Namaste!


О плагине Patrick

My name is Patrick, and I am a husband, father and science teacher at a local high school in San Antonio, Texas. I started this blog to serve as a safe haven of expression for like-minded individuals concerned with the ongoing plight of our planet Earth and the beings inhabiting it. It is my most fervent hope that this blog will be a means of contributing to the creation of a truly free and love-filled world for ALL! In LVX, Patrick

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