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The Multiverse is Mental

Our ancestors gained knowledge of the worlds by direct observation and experience. All they had to use were their physical and psychic senses which were highly attuned to all that was around and within them. Their intellect combined with spiritual affinity enabled them to survive under very harsh and dangerous conditions. This natural intelligence, a true balance of right and left hemispheres, perceived the worlds’ multiplicity of forms from a dualistic perspective which converged on Unity. They did not feel apart from nature, but very much one with nature. This oneness has for the most part been disrupted by the focus of our modern society on mechanistic materialism.

As a scientist, I see the physical laws and constants of this universe (as they are presently understood) as one possible expression of “higher” and more fundamental natural laws which “govern” the multiverse. There could be an infinite number of possible expressions and therefore universes. These fundamental natural laws could be the expression of one infinite consciousness (ALL IS MIND, THE MULTIVERSE IN MENTAL). Our ancestors were so much closer to really understanding this in their so-called primitive state than we presently are in our so-called advanced civilized state. And then there is spiritual evolution (and devolution) to consider!

My personal opinion is that the so-called human (not so very) race is racing towards a highly advanced form of barbarism and spiritual poverty which, if not corrected, will lead to our destruction and/or enslavement. This idea is nothing new, and definitely pessimistic, but the signs are all around us hidden in plain sight! The greatest “conspiracy” in human history is being perpetrated right in front of our very eyes, but we are too blinded by the myriad distractions deliberately thrust upon us.

–to be continued

Shalom and namaste to all!

Bhavachakra: Wheel of Becoming


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My name is Patrick, and I am a husband, father and science teacher at a local high school in San Antonio, Texas. I started this blog to serve as a safe haven of expression for like-minded individuals concerned with the ongoing plight of our planet Earth and the beings inhabiting it. It is my most fervent hope that this blog will be a means of contributing to the creation of a truly free and love-filled world for ALL! In LVX, Patrick

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